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 Every Antique has a story to tell. Often lengthy stories. How they were made, by whom they were made, when they were made, the furniture era in which they hail from or the furniture era in which they were revived from. Some antiques were loved more than others. Some were time honored heirlooms while others were a family members personal treasure. All of our Antiques at Re,discover'ed have significant historical value. They all have stories that need to be preserved. The stories of some of these Antiques almost ended in a basement of a abandoned house, a old box left in a dirty attic or far off the beaten path at an Estate Sale in the middle of nowhere...until we took them home and rediscovered them.


We at Re,discover'ed. have given these once abandoned pieces the chance to shine again. Another opportunity to be the center of attention in a room. We are passionate about restoring antiques that are in need of a little Love. Only the most minimal amount of restoration is performed. We maintain all integrity of the original design, administering the utmost care and skill during restoration. Both deeply passionate and extremely skilled our Craftsmen have meticulously restored these pieces of history to a new found brilliance.

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 Shop our Collection of Restored Antiques. Our Gallery features a wide range of everything ANTIQUE! Submerse yourself in a Collection of Sofas and Chairs, Bedroom Sets, Mirrors, Foyer Tables, Trunks, Accessories and More.  Our vast variety guarantees there is a little something for everyone.



When we at Rediscovered are on the hunt our next project, We look for pieces that "Stand Out" from the rest but that can benefit from a gentle face lift. We look for pieces that "Speak" to us, pieces that simply need a little love that they have been denied over the years. Once we bring these pieces into our warehouse and it's their turn on our craftsman's table, We strive to maintain it's historical integrity while making the necessary changes to give it another 100+ years of life.



We are the ones who find these lost antiques and do exactly just that, Rediscover them. We are a couple team who have an interest not only in the antiques themselves, but the history behind them. We don't want to sell you "just" another antique. Our interest goes deeper than that. All the antiques that we find play coyly on our heartstrings...

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